Add Impact with Flowtility’s Library of Motion Graphics

We’ve always been very impressed with what people are doing with ScreenFlow –  how sophisticated and professional-looking the videos created with ScreenFlow are. People like professional marketer James Wedmore and Marty Smith over at Combocasting are doing some amazing things with ScreenFlow.

Today, we have something that you’re going to love, and your videos are going to look even better as a result.

I’m happy to announce that our friends over at Simplifilm have created a full-blown motion graphics library that’s made to extend what you can do with ScreenFlow.  It’s called Flowtility and it includes beautiful HD motion graphics elements, including transitions, objects, backgrounds, countdowns and lower thirds, that you can seamlessly add to any screencast. So, now, you can do even more with ScreenFlow!

See the demo:

This demo was made with only ScreenFlow and the Flowtility library and some stock music and sounds.

Everything is animated, done in 1080p and very easy to use.

The Flowtility library includes:

  • 75+ objects and bullet points
  • 20+ transitions
  • 10+ 1080p moving backgrounds
  • 5 animated lower thirds
  • 20+ countdowns
  • 20 touch-device hand gestures
  • 8 radial backgrounds.
  • Demo files in ScreenFlow so you can see exactly how it’s built and how it works.

Everything is rendered out over an alpha channel so you can seamlessly add each file right onto your ScreenFlow timeline.

And for now, we’ve arranged the Flowtility library to be sold for just $47.00.

Not $47 per object, but everything for $47.00. Hundreds of objects, backgrounds, demos and all of it. We know that a lot of times stuff like this would sell for $15-20 an object, but with this, you get nearly 200 motion graphics objects for $47.

The $47 also includes:

  • World class, super responsive support from Simplifilm
  • Unlimited use of the library objects in multiple projects (lifetime use, one year download access).

How this came to be:

Not long ago, we were treated to a logo reveal by the crew at Simplifilm. They use our software in their demo productions, and they surprised us with a logo reveal. We loved it (of course) and they were on the beta team for ScreenFlow 4.

They wanted to know if we were doing this already – a set of transitions and objects built for ScreenFlow.

We thought it was a great idea, and decided to work together on bringing this to market. After many conference calls, shopping cart integrations, and lots of feedback, we have put together a library that we can all be proud of.

Here are some of the samples from the Flowtility Library:

An iDevice Flick:

A semi-transparent globe:

A background:

A lower third (that matches):

You can add these into any ScreenFlow project and instantly get more impact, more motion, more professional-looking videos. There are over 5 gigs worth of files for you to grab anytime you want them.

You can order this library directly from our webstore.



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